Puggle History

Puggles were bred first in America, where breeders experimented with cross-breed matings. Puggles soon became popular, because of their endearing appearance, friendly nature and fun-loving personality.

A Puggle is...

A mixed breed of dog, a Puggle is the result of mating a Pug and a Beagle. This is an f1 Puggle.

An f2 Puggle is a cross between two f1 Puggles and an f3 is a cross between an f1 and f2 puggle.

Puggle puppies are energetic, with a thickset body, short-haired and smooth-coated.

Puggle colours

Puggles range in colour from light to dark fawn, through apricot and tan, to black. The mask, round the eyes, ears and back can be varying degrees of black. Multi-coloured patches occasionally occur like those found in the Beagle, especially in second generation (f2) puppies.

See pictures of some of our puppies in the Puggle gallery.

Puggle points

The forehead should be wrinkled, the ears drooping and the tail curled over the back. Puppies sometimes exhibit more resemblance to either Pug or Beagle than described above. They are after all a crossbreed.

Size and temperament

Adult Puggles tend to weigh between 15lbs(6kg) and 30lbs(14kg) and stand 10-16 inches (25-45cm) high. (This may vary depending on the build and size of parents).

Puggles are playful, energetic, intelligent and sweet-natured. They want to please and be part of the family.

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