Puggle Testimonials

We have received testimonials and pictures from owners who have purchased Puggles from PuggleUK. They will be published here with permission.


Franklin sitting

It has taken us a little while to get back to you but we have been busy with little Franklin.

We just wanted to let you know that he is doing so well in his new home and he is such an intelligent little man. My wife and I utterly adore him and he is a credit to you as a breeder. Thank you so much for being able to provide us with such an adorable and happy dog. We honestly love him to bits.

Thank you again, Teo and Karin


Barney puggle

We wanted to give you another update on Barney. He has made such an impact on our lives (in a good way). He is so loving and good natured but also has a mischievous side which we adore. He is very intelligent and has picked up the training very quickly.

He has fitted in so well and all our family love him to bits. Our house has come alive. We have also been astonished at how many people have stopped us in the street to compliment him - regular comments are he is cute or he is gorgeous! He is a babe magnet!!!

Very Best Wishes

Chris & Tracey


Luna at home

Luna is so adorable and has brought sooo much happiness to our home. Nothing beats a cuddle on the sofa, especially after you've had a rubbish day.

Diane xx


Boo puggle

Hi Mo

Just a picture of your beautiful Boo. Who today found fox poo to roll in! But hates the bath afterwards. She’s doing really well. The cat still hates her but she’s just incredible xxxx. Hope you are all well?

Thank you again Vicki xzz


Lola lying on the grass

Hi Mo,

Thought I'd let you know how little Lola is doing. She's an absolute star who is a bit gorgeous too. Her best mate is Sid the moggy and she loves her walks with other dogs.

Thank you for letting us adopt her - she really has become a fantastic member of our family.

Suzanne and family


Pebbles is a year old

From reading many of the other testimonials it really does appear all Puggles come with a big personality...Pebbles is certainly no exception to this! She must be one of the most recognisable/memorable dogs in our local park! She is so friendly and charismatic, there rarely is a dull moment with her around. Everyone that meets her absolutely loves her and she loves them just as much back!

We just wanted to say a big thank you again, we are soo happy with her in our lives and not only are we now considering getting her a friend, but another Puggle at that!

Jess & Ryan


Bentley - Star pet

It's been a while since I last updated you about Bentley so I thought I would drop you a line to let you know that he won a Star Pet Competition the other day organised by Pets at Home. He's won a years supply of dog food and pampering, he will absolutely love that too. I have attached the announcement.

Kind regards

Amy x


Hey Mo!!

Just a quickie - don't know if you remember but October 2009 we brought little Ruby from you?!!

Just thought I'd let you know she has just been voted the cutest dog in britain by Drontal the worming company!! She's in the papers and everything

Hannah and Ruby


well settled Puggles

Just want to say thanks again for everything Mo.

Both our girls are perfect and they have brought so much happiness into our lives. I couldn't imagine being without our beautiful puggles now.

Regards Oliver


Poppy at home

Poppy is doing fantastic! She's such a happy little thing and is so eager to please. She's so sociable and loves being made a fuss of. She's so affectionate as well and snuggles into my neck to give me lots of kisses when she's sleepy. She's adorable. She absolutely loves her walks as well and is so well behaved on her lead. She's a proper little head turner. We've had her for 4 weeks and couldn't imagine our lives without her now. Thank you so much! She's just a complete bundle of joy.



Lovely Bella

Bella is now just over 18 months old and still as crazy as ever! She has such a big personality and is very talkative! We love her to death. Bella is absolutely amazing with children; one of the many qualities we love about her.

Many thanks,

Beth and Steve


Buster puggle

Just to say thanks for Buster...he's a real character and full of beans! Lively, and friendly, although can be very stubborn when he doesn't want to stop playing or come indoors! We love him to bits and wouldn't be without him!

All the best - Ryan and Amanda


Puggle and Staffie

Wotsit is doing great he's grown loads not just in size but in personality too. He's a very friendly confident boy everyone who meets him wants to take him home, he's very smart and has learnt lots of tricks.

The Staffie with him is his good friend Pigsy (my mum & dads dog) and they go out alot together and wear each other out. Well, Wotsit wears Pigsy out.

He's a beautiful dog and a credit to you and the dogs you breed.



Charlie puggle and the rabbit

Charlie is such a smart little dog and we are enjoying every minute with him. Everywhere we go he has so many admirers. Everyone falls in love with him!

He has become friends with our house rabbit too!



Ruby worn out

Ruby is great! I fell asleep with her on the sofa earlier, now my boyfriend has fallen asleep with her whilst I've been doing some work! I think he was trying to teach her how to retrieve his golf ball whilst he has been practicing his putting in the house so they're both worn out!

Thanks so much, she's a gem!



Doodle ready

So sorry that I have taken so long to contact you - lets put it down to 'new baby created tiredness'!!!

She is really fantastic - very intelligent, happy and friendly to everyone she meets, including other dogs. My life has certainly changed since we met and I have to keep saying to myself that she is 'just a dog', if I have to leave her for a while. That was really good advice, passed on by you, when we collected her.

Thanks again to you, and Doodle's real mum and dad, for breeding such a lovely pup.

Kind regards, Margaret


Puggle asleep

Just had to send you this pic, she started off lying across the top of the cushions and slid down, not sure how she carried on snoring while sleeping on her head but she did and stayed there for at least 10 minutes!!

I can't believe how big she is getting, everybody loves her but she is still shy with strangers and hides behind my legs when we go out walking and other people are about.

Jill and Vada

Vada working

Thought I would just drop a note to say hi!!

Vada is curled up by the door enjoying the sun but I am putting her back to work again soon, my customers prefer her than me! She is now part of the team and I get asked about her whenever I'm in the office.

She is the best thing I ever did, even if she pee'd in my suitcase, superglued things to the floor and ate a pair of brand new £140 shoes that she got out of the box. She has learnt how to flip my laptop off my knee with her nose now so that she can get on my knee for a cuddle, not at all demanding!!

The minute I get a bigger house is the day I get puggle number two!! Jill and Vada